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Terry Bentley Hill is a practicing attorney and mental health advocate. In September of 2020 she was certified in Mental Health First Aid through Mental Health of America, Greater Dallas. Her mission is to help relieve the social stigma of mental illness and promote the solutions available for treatment. Hill’s passion for her work stems from her own encounters with mental health issues and her goal of removing the stigmatism surrounding those issues.


In 1995 as the result of untreated alcoholism and depression, her former husband took his life and 9 years later her 14-year-old daughter also died of suicidal depression.


“Studies show that the most effective treatment for depression is like a 3 legged stool; 1- medication 2-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 3-Peer Support. That is the best way to deal with depression,” Hill said.


Hill’s personal story was compelling and provided all the credentials she needed to be an advocate for addressing mental health issues, with the hope of driving down the rising numbers of suicides. “Alcoholism and substance abuse is a family disease,” Hill said.


At the time of her daughter’s suicide, Hill was in law school at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, where she earned her degree in 2008. Today, Hill practices criminal defense law in Dallas, Texas, is remarried, enjoys time with her family and dedicates much of her life to helping others dealing with mental health issues.



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Terry Bentley Hill on radio, tv and public forums working to make a difference in our community. If you would like to work with Ms Hill or have her for a speaking engagement please contact her through the contact section below. Thank you.

Handling Mental Health with Eating Disorders, Suicide, and Depression

Handling Mental Health with Eating Disorders, Suicide, and Depression

** Please note this chit chat recorded prior to George Floyd/BLM protests. ** A candid and insightful interview with Terry Bentley Hill on eating disorders, depression, suicide, substance ideation, and HOPE! A timely discussion in the midst of COVID-19 on mental health and the relevant book, By Their Side. A crisis management resource anyone can use, whether you are taking care of a loved one or you are in the midst of your own pain. Helping us navigate life one bond at a time. Please like, share, subscribe, comment if you enjoy the chat's. Want more life bonding? Gather your family, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers. Watch the video. Come together to discuss thought instigating questions that promote bonding, growth, and leveling up in your life. TOP TEN CHIT CHAT THOUGHT INSTIGATORS FOR GROUP BONDING: 1) How often do you share your story with others? 2) Do you see opportunity in the midst of difficulty? 3) What are some things that get in the way of healthy relationship building? 4) What are some of your coping mechanisms when you are faced with pain or hurt? 5) Are you aware of the signs to look for in you loved ones that are struggling? 6) Do you discount your discernment or use it to help? 7) Isolation is the number culprit to depression and suicide ideation. 8) Loneliness is an affliction that one person can cure by reaching out. 9)Do you focus on encouraging others in their strengths and loving through their weaknesses? 10)Have you wrestled with an eating disorder, depression, loneliness, anxiety? Please share. Please share additional thoughts and comments that promote bonding with your group. #NationalHonestyDay @bytheirsidebook #stopmindingyourownbusiness #courage #hope #depression #eatingdisorders #COVID-19 #CornonaVirus #DrMelanieRossMills #LifeBondsChitChat #LifeBonds ย  Instagram (@drmelaniermills @lifebondshchitchat) Twitter (@drmelaniermills @lifebondschat) Facebook