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Being Proactive Can Make a Difference

#StopMindingYourOwnBusiness wants you to seek ways of helping those around you suffering from mental health issues. Join us as we ask questions and proactively help others instead of sitting on the side while they suffer alone. Those with mental illness often suffer in silence but you can make a difference when you #StopMindingYourOwnBusiness.

Mental health consulting by Terry Bentley Hill is available for school groups, legal firms, corporate development teams, support communities and more. Please reach out to discuss bringing Terry to your group. 

Dallas based criminal defense attorney and staunch advocate for mental health, Ms Hill is a survivor who has lost both a former husband and daughter to mental health depression. Terry founded #StopMindingYourOwnBusiness in order to bring awareness and support to those around us dealing with mental health issues. The United States has a mental health crisis and Ms Hill believes we must all take part to heal our families, friends and communities.

Find more about Ms Hill, her public speaking, and her mission here.

Use our hashtag and encourage people to speak out and ask hard questions of others. Don't be afraid to ask if someone is okay. Mental health awareness leads to mental health help and each and every one of us can save a life by simply asking "are you okay?" Stop Minding Your Own Business and ask the question.


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